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Valaquenta, Chapter 2, see community for more


The Valor: The Ainur who chose to live in Arda. They often took form that could be recognized by the Elves, and later men. Men called them gods. Seven were masculine, seven feminine. Most had a spouse, some were singular.

Lords of the Valar

Manwe- chief demi-god, god of the air, spouse is Varda
Ulmo-god of the waters, no spouse
Aule-god of the substance of Arda, spouse is Yavanna
Tulkas-a warrior god, spouse is Nessa
Orome-hunter,god of the forest, spouse is Vana, sister is Nessa
Mandos-aka,Namo, a Feanturi or master of spirits, keeper of the house of the dead, spouse is Vaire
Lorien-aka Irmo, a Feanturi, or master of spirits, brother to Mandos, god of visions and dreams, spouse is Este

Queens of the Valar

Varda-lady of the stars, spouse of Manwe, most beautiful and highest queen of the Valar
Yavanna-flora goddess,spouse of Aule
Nienna-intercessor for the sufferings of all in Arda, goddess of compassion, comforts those in the halls of Mandos, no spouse
Este-healing goddess, spouse of Irmo
Vaire-weaver goddess, spouse of Mandos, weaves the tapestry of time in the halls of Mandos
Vana-goddess of youth and new life, that is spring, sister of Yavanna, spouse of Orome 
Nessa-goddess of wildlife,and dancing, sister of Orome, spouse of  Tulkas 

Aratar-"High one's of Arda": a smaller set of the most powerful Valar,
Manwe, Varda, Ulmo, Yavanna, Aule, Mandos, Nienna, and Orome

Maiar- spirit servents of the Valar

Ilmare-handmaid of Varda
Osse-vassal of Ulmo
Uinen- spouse of Osse, aids mariners
Melian-serves Vana and Este, garden spirit
Olorin-frequents the house of Nienna, goes unseen among the elves and gifts them with a wise thought or fair vision  "those who listen to him awoke from despair and put away the imaginations of darkness". Also helps man-kind.


Morgoth- Melkor, dark enemy of the world
Valaraukar-,or Balrogs. Corrupted Maiar who followed Morgoth
Sauron- aka Gorthaur the cruel, a former maiar of Aule. "Had a part in vast works of deceit and cunning"

"...he rose like a shadow of Morgoth and a ghost of his malice, and walked behind him on the same ruinous path down into the Void"


I don't think much is needed to sum this chapter up. It's simply an explanation of the demigods and other spirits.

The Valar, are they wise benevolent leaders or rather clueless bunglers? In reading various authors of fan fic, I've seen them portrayed as wise and caring, deeply and personally involved with Eru's children. I've also seen them written as kind of aloof and rather ineffective. How do you see them?

Sorry for the delay...

Next chapter up as soon as possible. 
You know, spring tends to be a busy time.
And this is taking longer than I thought.
I'm certain I've forgotten some key point or definition.  Help from each and every one of you is sought in making this a useful  aid for first time Silmarillion readers.

AINULINDALE  the Music of the Ainur


Eru-Aka Iluvatar, or the One. Tolkie's supreme deity, the one true God. Maker of the world seen and unseen.

Ainur- Holy Ones created by the thought of Eru. The Valar. Demigods. Assisted in creating the earth by singing within the will of Eru.

Ea- The world.

Arda- The earth.

Melkor- A rebellious Valor. He would not bend his will to that of Eru. Melkor wanted Arda and the children of Iluvatar for his own possession and to be the object of worship. Later he will be known as Morgoth.

Manwee-"The brother of Melkor in the mind of Iluvatar". Chief Valar who did not rebel against Eru's will.

Valar- The Ainur. They finished creating the primitive world made by Eru. They did not create Elves or men. They fell in love with the earth as they had seen it in a vision as a finished work. They also loved the children of Iluvatar, Elves and Men. Many of the most powerful Valar chose to live on earth among the children of Iluvatar. They may "walk unclad", thus unseen by the ancient Elves. But often they "clothed" themselves as as male or female.

Eldalie-Elves,including Avari.

Eldar- Those Elves that eventually took "the great journey"

Chapter Over view

Eru makes the world, and alows the Ainur, or Valar to assist him by singing. Their song is within the will of Eru and pleases him, except for that of Melkor. Melkor wishes to usurp Eru and take the world and the children of Eru for his own, and to be the god they worship.                                                               

Melkor is corrected, and admonished for his rebellion, but persists in it. Undoing the work of the Valor in adding the finishing touches to the earth, and preparing it as a habitation for Elves and men. But the Valor succeed in the end, in making a beautiful habitat, though it is never as good as they intended due to Melkor's constant interference.

Melkor seems to have power over cold and heat in Arda.

Some of the Valor choose to inhabit  Arda and live among the Elves, whom they love. They sometimes go unseen as spirits, or they take on the form of men and women and can be seen by the Elves.

It is said that someday the end of this world will come and a greater one will be formed by Eru thru new and more skilled music of the Ainur. This information is mentioned little, as almost in passing.

In January 2010, I read Tolkien fan fiction for the first time and was hooked on it immediately.  What is fan fiction?
This is a definition taken from dictionary.com :
a fictional account written by a fan of a show, movie, book, or video game to explore themes and ideas that will not or cannot be explored via the originating medium; also written fan fiction, also called fanfic

The possibilities for writing fanfic based on Tolkien's works are endless. He left so much open to interpretation.

Are you interested in writing yourself?
What would you like to write about?
What challenges do you feel writing will pose?
Is it difficult for you to share your writing with others?     

Please feel free to share your answers to these questions and your writing also. You are completely safe here. This community is for those new to writing all skill and knowledge levels are welcome.

There are many seasoned writers who's excellence astounds me. I hope they will feel free to discuss ideas with us and provide us with the benefit of their experience.                                                                                                                                        


Tolkien chat for newbies to his work and Fan Fic

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